It is important to stress that vine citrus trees are not really vines. Instead, they have drooping branches unable to support themselves. The plants, therefore, have a willow- or umbrella-type canopy. Their branches do not climb like vines nor have special structures to attach themselves to a support structure. The development of citrus trellises, therefore, are quite different than those for grapevines, for example.

Vine citrus trees should be planted at 5 to 7 feet spacing, at about 1.5 feet from the posts towards the interior of the trellis. These posts have to be spaced 10 feet between rows, 5 to 7 feet within post lines, and should be 7 to 8 feet tall.

Vine citrus trees should be conducted as a single or double stem until they reach the fulll height of the trellis. Any lateral branch below this should be removed. These stems should be topped immediately above the trellis and allowed to branch out in all directions. These branches will be supported by beams regularly spaced over the lateral posts. The collection of such willow-type canopies will form the vine citrus trellis. Fruiting occurs along the extremities of the drooping branches and the fruit develop below the foliage with beautiful visual effects.

Today, in addition to the vine orange variety, we have tangerine and lemon varieties with drooping branches  thanks to breeding done at Citrolima citrus nursery.