Biodegradable Wrap. We are glad to introduce to our customers our new development, a BIODEGRADABLE WRAP (patent requested). It consists of a cotton fabric specially woven in our premises in the form of a tube. Individual wraps are cut to size and one of the ends is closed. The wrap is applied to the root ball surrounded by the growing media after their removal from the container, utilizing a genuine technique, also being patented. The wrap is biodegradable in ca. 3 weeks in the soil and should be planted with the tree. It is a great advantage to growers since shipping, planting, and pre- and pos-planting costs are reduced. More importantly, all handling and planting operations are facilitated, allowing adequate effort to be placed on the quality of such operations. The most important aspects of the operation are planting height and total avoidance of bending of main and primary roots. Our wrap and wrapping technique helps significantly in the elimination of these major defects.